Adapting to Agility: Leveraging a “Hub and Spoke” Model

12 Oct 2021


As businesses navigate a new world following the global pandemic, most will need to adapt to a more agile workplace. An overarching result of the pandemic was the population diffusion of city centers. As COVID cases continue to affect our society, a return to downtown metro areas has been slow and methodical. This shift is leading many companies to reconsider and evaluate the hub and spoke model across their business footprint.

The “Hub and Spoke” Model
As population shifts away from major “hub” markets, businesses and real estate developers are reimagining how to help people work. A hub and spoke model of centralized offices (hubs) downtown and satellite offices (spokes) in the surrounding areas is not a new concept. What’s changed is the demand for “spoke” offices and the definition of what a “spoke” can be.

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