Royse City Target Industries

Royse City is in the Dallas Metroplex, home to a workforce of more than 3.7 million people. In addition, the city itself has doubled in population twice, and is projected to grow by 31.9% from 2019 to 2024. This has created the perfect opportunity for businesses looking to serve the population of Royse City and the millions of people driving by on I-30. 

Royse City has the available land, workforce and pro-business climate that benefits businesses in all industry sectors. In addition, the industries below are primed for additional growth. 


There is a high demand for additional retail in Royse City. The average household income in Royse City is $87,041 ($97,668 within a 5-mile radius) so residents have disposable income to spend on shopping and dining. The city’s growth and income demographics have attracted national chains and supported small business growth. 

National chains like Walmart, CVS, and O’Reilly Auto Parts anchor a new shopping development off of I-30. Other retailers like AT&T, Papa John’s Pizza, Panda Express, Whataburger, Dairy Queen, Sports Clips, Burger King, Arby’s, Popeyes, and Murphy Express have joined them, but there is still a demand for additional retail, along with the land to support their growth. 

Retailers are attracted to Royse City because of the consistent population growth as well. As a region, the Dallas Metroplex is one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. Within the city itself, there are 15,000 homes in some stage of development, demonstrating the incredible need for additional retailers within the community. 


Royse City has the commercial sites manufacturing companies need to establish operations in the Dallas Metroplex. For those looking to manufacture products in the fast-growing Texas market, this is an ideal location. For manufacturers already in Dallas, that need room to grow, Royse City is the solution. 

The Dallas Metroplex is home to multiple technical schools and with a regional workforce of 3.7 million, manufacturing companies have a large talent pool to choose from. The CDC also provides workforce development support as needed.

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