Doing Business in Royse City

We Are Open for Business & Have Maintained Our Hometown Atmosphere 

Royse City is known as being one of the friendliest towns in Texas. We are experiencing rapid growth, but have managed to maintain the hometown atmosphere that makes the community an incredible place to live and grow a business. 

The population of Royse City has doubled twice and is expected to grow by 31.9% from 2019 to 2024. In fact, there are 15,000 homes in various stages of development. For business owners, this presents an incredible opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing community that is next to the fastest growing metro in the entire United States - Dallas. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Dallas Metroplex ranked #1 in the country for the number of jobs added and the annual rate of job growth in 2019. Royse City is benefiting from this exponential growth. 

It’s Affordable Here

The Dallas Metroplex is not always affordable, but in Royse City - it is! Commercial land, space for lease and housing costs less here than in neighboring communities, making it an ideal location for businesses to grow. 

Strong Entrepreneurial Climate

The entire community supports Royse City businesses, making it an incredible place for startups and small business owners. The downtown has flourished because of the entrepreneurs who are setting up shop and the community who makes it possible for them to grow. We invite more small businesses to join them!

Businesses Can Benefit from Royse City’s Growth

Entrepreneurs and small business owners, national retailers, manufacturing, and creative companies can all benefit from the growth taking place within Royse City and the Dallas area. As the city’s population grows, so does the need for businesses to support families with retail, restaurants, and services. In fact, with an average household income in Royse City of $87,041 ($97,668 within a 5-mile ring), residents have disposable income to spend on shopping and dining.

In addition, manufacturing companies have access to a large talent pool and affordable commercial sites that are adjacent to the Dallas Metroplex. 

CDC, Chamber and Main Street Programs Provide Support

The Royse City CDC, Chamber, and Main Street work together to support new and existing businesses looking to grow and invest in the community. The CDC is a liaison between businesses and the city and county. From site selection assistance to incentives and workforce support - the CDC is the first stop for businesses of all sizes looking to grow in the Dallas Metroplex.