Royse City Community Development Corporation Celebrates National Homeownership Month

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28 Jun 2021


Royse City Community Development Corporation (CDC) celebrates National Homeownership Month during June and beyond by raising awareness about the benefits that homeownership brings to families, neighborhoods, and communities alike. The real estate market is thriving, and Royse City is striving to make homeownership a reality for individuals who dream of owning their own home. 

Why Homeownership Matters

Owning a home is a cornerstone of the “American Dream.” 

Homeownership produces a sense of pride, financial stability, and equity. Many homeowners benefit from tax deductions and affordable monthly mortgage payments that are lower than the average rent. Buying a home is considered one of the best, most reliable long-term investments because residential real estate typically increases in value over the long haul. In addition to the personal benefits, homeownership plays an important role in sustaining prosperous and stable communities. 

Homeownership grows the community tax base, reducing the individual’s tax burden. Research shows that higher homeownership percentages directly correlate with lower crime rates. Homeowners tend to volunteer more, buy more goods and services from local business owners, support local educational systems, and overall contribute to the economy more. Homeowners are even more likely to be involved in local civic engagements and elections. An additional benefit of homeownership for the community is that one new job is supported from every two home sales, according to NAR calculations.

What Royse City Professionals Have to Say

Dena Elder, Owner/Broker of On Pointe Properties:

Royse City is booming both in the residential and the commercial markets. I feel like people who are wanting to get out of the City come east where they can still be close to all of the City amenities but enjoy the smaller “hometown” feel of our friendly community. Due to the rapid growth of our area, our City has been able to attract commercial entities that allow residents some of the conveniences that a larger city provides without all of the chaos. Because Royse City is located on Interstate 30 and State Highway 66, it allows people the ability to commute to the DFW metroplex and surrounding areas.

People choose the Royse City area because they want to enjoy a safer and more laid back atmosphere and our downtown Mainstreet provides a warm historical feel with live music, family-owned restaurants, and small town festivities perfect for family entertainment. Additionally, our school district is led by a Superintendent who is committed to fulfilling the needs of the students, while being dedicated to ensuring the necessary educational values and success for the students.

With over 21 years of distinct real estate experience, On Pointe Properties is a real estate company specializing in delivering the most experienced and highest level of service in the market. Our tried and proven system for helping our customers buy and sell real estate is based on three driving principles — unwavering integrity, vast market knowledge, and relentless commitment to professional, and personal service.

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John Marlin, CEO, MA Partners:

The DFW market which includes Royse City is experiencing one of the best housing markets in history. More houses mean more people which has a tremendous ripple effect in any submarket by creating the opportunity for new businesses and the growth of existing ones. The new businesses that follow population growth are mostly service related such as hospital care facilities, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and retail stores. New and growing businesses mean job opportunities for the community it serves.

MA Partners, LLC (“MA”) is a real estate development company that primarily focuses on master planned communities in Texas. MA has 3,000+ acres of active residential communities in various stages of development. Our goal is to not just provide a community with homes but to bring life into our communities.

Kari Hollifield, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Apex Realtors/Kari Hollifield Real Estate Team: 

Royse City has been intentional about maintaining its policies from zoning to building: ensuring they are consistent, competitive, and overseen by having the right people in the right places. Communication throughout each entity ranging from CDC to Planning and Zoning to Council and staff is key to making sure everyone is on the same page. Prospective developers can be met with expectations from a city perspective that lays a foundation for success in moving forward in development.

Making a home purchase in Royse City is easy, not simply because you have the appropriate guidance from professional realtors such as myself, but in Royse City, you are purchasing not only a home, but a community. Royse City and the school district work closely with one another to ensure our growth patterns are met by our education system. Having top-notch schools with phenomenal leadership is key to any growing community. Multiple studies are conducted on an ongoing basis by both the school and the city to make sure our schools keep up with the housing growth. Families can feel comfortable knowing they are not moving to a community where the city is outgrowing the school system. Royse City is a relational community from its events, to its leadership, to its citizens. Despite the growth it still has and will always have that small-town feel.

I have been licensed for 22 years and have witnessed the growth in Royse City, not just from a Realtor’s standpoint, but as a citizen, parent, and involved community member. Sitting on our Planning and Zoning Board as well as chairing our Royse City Education Foundation Board, I can attest to the positive, smart, and intentional growth in Royse City. I have sold numerous properties ranging from land, to residential, to small commercial, and understand the dynamics and amazing attributes of Royse City and can sell with pride where I live, work and thrive. It is an honor to work with newcomers to Royse City as well as those who have been here way longer than my own family’s 22 years. My husband, David Hollifield, works alongside me and we make a conscious effort to maintain extensive up-to-date market knowledge on all levels. We strive to provide professional service with a personal touch, treating each transaction with care.

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Russell Ratterree, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty/RJ Real Estate Group

Now is the perfect time to purchase a home in Royse City because in addition to its award-winning school district, there is so much else it has to offer: a growing city that retains a small-town feel with strong community ties, a thriving business community, and a wide variety of housing options to choose from. It is little wonder Royse City is experiencing a housing boom.

With the resale inventory being at a historic low, Royse City is meeting the demand with new construction inventory that has been planned and platted over the last several years. While many communities are facing new construction shortages, extremely long wait lists, very few options to choose from, and escalating prices, Royse City is seeing much less of that compared to neighboring communities. Royse City’s new single-family residential permits more than tripled from 2019 to 2020. The trend is continuing into 2021 with an average of 125 new single-family residential construction permits being issued monthly. Being located right on I-30 also makes Royse City attractive for people who work outside the city, providing access into Dallas and neighboring cities.

We have served in the Rockwall, Collin, and Dallas counties for nearly two decades and provide professional real estate services, sales and consultation for residential, land and commercial real estate. ‘Service, Integrity and Professionalism’ are the pillars of our business and we love serving our clients and community. Today’s buyers and sellers need a trusted resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate, and we put our client relationships at the core of our business. Our team of professionals is here to help you achieve your real estate goals and to be a trusted resource every step of the way.

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National Homeownership Month is the perfect time to explore purchasing a home. Owning a home is widely regarded as one of the best ways to build wealth. Let Royse City Community Development Corporation help. We are in the business of helping families become part of the community. Further explore housing here and contact the Royse City CDC Executive Director, Charles Houk, at (469) 652-0723 or Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Nextdoor.

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