Creating Systems Is More Important Than Establishing Goals

13 May 2021


For many of us, we’re serial goal-setters. We find it easy to set goals and love to dream big. When it comes to reaching those goals, though, that’s another matter.

The problem isn’t your goal-setting ability. Instead, our inability to reach those goals often comes down to our modus operandi, our system for reaching them.

What do I mean by system? Think of it as your plan of action, the route you’re going to follow, a set of steps you take daily. It’s the “how” of reaching your goal and obtaining the results that you want.

Now, it’s not that you shouldn’t set goals. Goals are important too. After all, they’re the direction you want to head and can help you stay in the right lane. But it’s important to think of your goals as a helpful guiding North Star. Your target, if you will. While the system that you end up implementing is the bow and arrow; and how you’ll end up hitting that bullseye.

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