Time to Change Your Game Plan?

10 May 2021


A year after my May 2020 Editor’s View, “On Plexiglass and the New Normal,” I’m still working at home 90% of the time. I could go to our offices — several Conway Data staff members are there regularly. But I don’t miss the commute, and after producing several issues of Site Selection remotely, we have that down pat. After a year of change, not much has changed, it seems.

What has changed is a complete overhaul of our Global Best to Invest rankings, thanks to the efforts of Managing Editor Adam Bruns and Conway Data data crunchers working tirelessly behind the scenes. They still reflect successful countries and metros around the globe. But important components have been added to the methodology that add even more weight to the exercise of evaluating capital investment destinations worldwide. How many of you have assigned a staff member the task of indexing, analyzing, and ranking locations using multiple sources of global investment-attraction data? If you haven’t, don’t worry. It’s in this issue.

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