Royse City Site Selection

Royse City is part of the Dallas Metroplex - one of the fastest growing cities in the entire United States. The city itself has doubled in population twice and expected to grow by 31.9% from 2019 to 2024. What’s unique about Royse City is the availability of commercial space - some of which is adjacent to the interstate. We have the land that is hard to come by in Dallas proper. Companies who are looking to expand in and near Dallas should look at sites in Royse City and secure them while the prices are affordable. 

We Will Make It Work for Your Clients

The Royse City CDC is fiercely creative and will work to find solutions to your clients needs. As the liaison between businesses and the city and county, the CDC can serve as a project coordinator, bringing everyone to the table to ensure that the project makes financial sense and can be completed in a timely fashion. Whether this involves finding sites, obtaining permits, offering incentives or finding workforce support - the CDC is up to the task and ready to get to work. 

Friendly and supportive are two ways that describe Royse City, so when we say that we will get to work and get things done - we mean it. 

Royse City Fast Facts

  • We have an abundance of land that is ready to be developed, including land off of I-30 on the way into Dallas
  • A Royse City location provides fast access to the entire Dallas Metroplex 
  • Retail demand is high in Royse City and large anchor tenants like Walmart have moved it
  • Average household income in Royse City is $87,041 ($97,668 within a 5-mile ring)
  • Our population has doubled twice and there are 15,000 more homes in development
  • The city is viewed as a bedroom community for Dallas 
  • Royse City has doubled in population twice and is expected to grow by 31.9% from 2019 to 2024
  • Dallas Metroplex ranked #1 in the country for number of jobs added and the annual rate of job growth in 2019
  • Royse City has a high average income of $90,000 per year and a higher educational attainment than the national average 
  • Our workforce is over 3.7 million 
  • We have an abundance of colleges, technical schools and universities within the Metroplex - creating a steady talent pool 
  • Texas has the second largest economy in the United States with a gross state product of $1.8 trillion