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Community Development Board of Directors




Charles Houk Executive Director Not an elected member
Tonya Brown Secretary Not an elected member
Dena Elder President  12/31/19
Bobby Gladu Vice President  12/31/19
Open Seat Member 12/31/19
Jesse Vaughn II Member  12/31/20
Richard Pense Member  12/31/20
Clay Ellis Member 12/31/20
Micheal Holder Member  12/31/20


Charles Houk

Charles Houk – Executive Director
509 Rosemary
Royse City, TX 75189
Cell: 469.338.8423
Appointed: April 2009

I have lived in Royse City for ten years. I own Southern Junction Nightclub & Steakhouse and I serve on the Royse City CDC Board because I am excited about the opportunity to improve Royse City’s quality of life by making decisions that help bring good jobs and stable businesses to our community while balancing our current needs with our future goals as a city. I love Royse City because, being married with three boys, it’s a great city to raise a family.


Tonya Brown

Tonya Brown – Secretary
216 N Arch Street, Suite A
Royse City, TX 75189
Office: 972.636.2184

Not an elected member

Living near the Royse City area has been a real blessing. Here, we are able to enjoy the slow pace of country living, while still having big city conveniences near by. I especially love the quaitness of downtown Royse City.  Being a wife and mother of 2 wonderful children, it is important to me that my children have plenty of space to explore, play and grow. For 12 years  I worked at home raising my family; now, I enjoy working as the Administrative Assistant for the Royse City Community Development Corporation and serve as Secretary for the Board.  I enjoy volunteering for numerous events in my community and just recently became a Rotarian where I now serve as the Treasurer. While Royse City is still growing, it has been able to maintain its small-town appeal with friendly, caring people – I can’t think of any place I’d rather live.


Dena Elder Dena Elder – President
216 N. Arch Street Suite A
Rockwall, TX 75087
Cell: 972.948.2225
Appointed: April 2009

I have enjoyed calling the Royse City area my home since 1995. Being in the real estate industry since 2000, I have experienced both residential and commercial growth in Royse City and the surrounding areas first hand. While I proudly serve as the President of the Royse City Community Development Corporation Board, I also serve on the board of the Professional Women’s Alliance, I am an Ambassador and a Growth Group Leader for the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce.  I am also very involved with the Children’s Advocacy Center for Rockwall County. I am proud to be actively involved in and support my community. Royse City is a great place to live and work because of it’s friendly people and it’s small-town feel.


Bobby Gladu

Bobby Gladu – Vice President
PO BOX 246
Royse City, TX 75189
Office: 214.744.1422
Appointed: December 2013

I’m a business owner in Royse City and love serving this community.  I’m committed to helping this great city in whatever capacity it needs. It is crucial to have strong leadership and a clear direction for proper, future growth of this community. With my years of business experience, I feel I can help by being part of the team that guides it in the right direction. I currently own Artisan Masonry and A&A Granite & Limestone; both businesses are in the heart of Royse City.  We have enjoyed the warm reception we experienced when we relocated our facilities here. I highly recommend anyone who wants to be part of a warm, close-knit community with great schools, to come to Royse City and watch us grow!


Lee Loveless – Member
Appointed: September 2019



Jesse Vaughn II

Jesse Vaughn II – Member
125 S. Arch St.
Royse City, TX 75189
Office: 972.636.7994
Appointed: January 2013

Although I do not live in Royse City, I have worked here as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones Investments for 8 years and owned property in our Historic District.  I have served on the Chamber of Commerce and Boys and Girls Club Boards and currently serve on the Royse City CDC Board. I have a vested interest in Royse City and would like to make a difference by being part of its planning for growth. I grew up in a small town like Royse City and it provides me the “sense of family” I loved as a child. There are good, honest, hardworking people here; it’s the kind of place where your word and a handshake mean something.


Richard Pense – Member
PO Box 479
Royse City, TX 75189
Appointed: March 2012

I have worked for Royse City ISD since 1999 and currently serve as Principal of Bobby Summers Middle School.  I’m active in the local Boy Scout Troop 312 and my church. I serve on the Community Development Corporation’s Board of Directors because it is important to me to help continue the great cooperation between the school district and the city as our community grows. I enjoy being a part of the process that guides and plans for the current and future needs of our fast-growth area while maintaining family values and home-town feel.


Clay Ellis

Clay Ellis – Member
P.O. Box 506
Royse City, TX 75189
Office: 972.636.9491
Appointed: January 2007

Royse City is my home and has been since 2003. It’s also where I work as an insurance agent. In addition to the Royse City CDC Board, I also serve on the Rotary Board, Heritage Board, and City Council. I feel that by serving on the Royse City CDC board I can be more effective at attracting good business that will benefit our city.


Micheal Holder – Member
Appointed: August 2019